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We provide you with good coffee and the right story to go with it!

Get the very first coffee for your company that was made 100 % in Ethiopia. Tell your customers and colleagues how you are supporting the creation of qualified and above-average paid jobs in Ethiopia.

On top of that you will get high-quality Arabica coffee and an increase in employee satisfaction. Whether you’re a small start-up or an open-plan office –  we have the right offer for any team size.

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Just Coffee

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Whether fruity-chocolate tasting Crema or pure spicy-chocolate tasting Espresso: We have something for every coffee lover.

Coffee & Coffee-machines

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With the complete-coffee-solution, you no longer have to worry about taking care of your employees coffee supply.

Why Solino?

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Sustainable development aid

On-site roasting and packaging creates qualified and better-paid jobs

High-quality Coffee

Gently drum-roaster highland Arabica Coffee with intense aroma
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Personal support and care

We will find the best solutions possible for your company and will respond to your individual requirements

Our partner

coffee perfect

Coffee perfect is exactly the right partner at our side for our complete coffee solutions. Thanks to decades worth of experience in B2B coffee supply and over 15.000 satisfied business customers they guarantee the best coffee machines possible in terms of quality and reliability. We are pleased to have a strong partner on board to create the best solutions for your company.

Social Responsibility

In addition to high quality and expertise, we are demanding from out partners to share the same philosophy and commitment of giving back. The social commitment of coffee perfect in local projects and initiatives (such as Red Hand Day) corresponds exactly to our approach of social responsibility. It reflects what we are looking for in a partner.

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