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We need skilled jobs such as roasting masters, packaging experts, technicians and printers to process our coffee in Ethiopia. This allows us to pay our employees double to 10 times the average wage. The average salary of coffee farmers in Ethiopia is 1200 Birr (about 30 Euros). In comparison, qualified employees earn 2000 to 10000 Birr per month (approx. 60 to 300 Euro). Compared to German standards, this may not be much, but in Ethiopia it can feed a whole family.

Blen - Logistikkoordinatorin (Solino Team)


Manager Operations

My Name is Blen Hailu, I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I graduated from Addis Ababa University School of Commerce with Bachelor of Marketing Management in July, 2017. I joined the team in December 2019 as a logistics coordinator. My responsibility includes insuring that the whole logistics process goes smoothly from booking until it reaches the destination. I am very happy I joined this team & I hope I will learn a lot from it.
Wende - Kaffeeröster (Solino Team)


Coffee Roaster

Wende is a trained coffee roaster and has worked at the Solino roastery since 2012. Before, he worked at the green coffee selection process. He is therefore a real coffee expert!  He is also in contact with many coffee farmers. Wende is proud to deliver for the first time roasted Ethiopian coffee to many countries. He says of himself that he is a perfectionist. For him it is important that every single roast is perfect: “I believe coffee must be roasted very slowly at low temperature. Only then the aroma of our Ethiopian coffee develops perfectly”.
Abinet - Mitarbeiterin Produktion​ (Solino Team)


Production Team

Abinet was born and grew up in Wello. She has worked at the Solino roastery since 2010. Abinet believes that working at Solino is a very good opportunity to learn and create your own opportunities. She enjoys working at Solino and working together with her team members. Abinet creates and plans social activities like gatherings and events at Solino.
Gezali - Röster (Solino Team)


Coffee Roaster

I am Gezali, a new coffee roaster at Solino Coffee. I was born in the small town of Agora, which is in Jimma. I have been working at Solino for several years, before that I was part of the production team at our Addis Ababa site. Now my responsibilities have changed to roasting the coffee, which I am very happy about. I am married and have three children.
Hana - Production employee (Solino Team)


Production Team

Hana was born in Semen Shewa. She has joined the Solino team in 2018. She enjoys her working environment and her hobbies are preparing traditional coffee the Ethiopian style. She believes that a perfect quality is most important for the success of Solino. In her free time, she enjoys going to church. 

Belesh - Mitarbeiterin Produktion​ (Solino Team)


Production Team

Belesh was born in Semen Shewa. She joined the Solino team in 2019. She loves her position and the working environment. She says that she has gained a lot of experience in working at the Solino roastery and Solino has created the opportunity for her to work. Her responsibility is packaging. 

Daniel - Production Manager (Solino Team)


Production Supervisor

Daniel (46) has a Bachelor Degree from a university in Addis Ababa. He has worked at the Solino roastery since 2013. “I am proud that we have implemented a new and very precise production schedule for our excellent coffee which is sent to Europe”, says Daniel. “A good time schedule and a planning of all production steps is most important to make a perfect product such as Solino coffee,” he continues. In his free time Daniel enjoys watching football.
Lidya - Employee warehouse (Solino Team)Employee warehouse


Store Keeper

Lidya was born in Addis Ababa. She joined the Solino team in 2019. She enjoys working with her friends at Solino. She used to work in the production team until she became store keeper. She takes care of controlling incoming and outgoing materials and products and the maintenance of documents. Lidya’s hobbies are watching movies and spending time with her friends.
Azeb - Mitarbeiterin Produktion (Solino Team)


Production Team

Azeb is from Addis Ababa and has worked at the Solino roastery since 2015. “Solino has created a nice job opportunity for me and I have learned new skills,” she says. “The revenue is very important for our roastery and for Ethiopia. Coffee growing countries should also be able to roast coffee. Only in this way more people can benefit”.  Azeb hopes that Solino continues to develop well in the years to come. In her free time she likes to listen to music.
Tsion - Production employee (Solino Team)


Production Team

Tsion (34) was born in Arsi and has worked at the Solino roastery in Addis Ababa since 2011. During her time at the Solino roastery she learned that the quality standards and production methods for Europe are more demanding. “I realized that Europeans are very precise about the packaging and I really liked this because we improved our quality a lot,” she says. Tsion adds: “I like to produce coffee and enjoy the nice smell during my work”. In her free time, Tsion spends time with friends and likes to travel.
Seid - Mitarbeiter Produktion (Solino Team)


Assistant Production Supervisor

Seid is originally from the city Wolo. He has already worked at the Solino roastery in Addis Ababa since 2008. He always gets excited when a new Solino order arrives. He likes to get busy during the roasting process and he hopes to get a much higher production volume in the future. “I would like to add other coffee products if I could,” He says: “There are many varieties of coffee in our country”. Seid gets frustrated whenever mistakes happen at the production and does everything to avoid them. In his free time he spends time with his family.
Elias - Mitarbeiter Produktion (Solino Team)


Coffee Grinder

Elias joined the Solino roastery in 2006. He likes his job very much and believes that Solino is a unique product. “Solino is the first roasted coffee that is exported in significant amounts”. Solino coffee is very special here in Ethiopia and it is good that solino can export a value-added product of excellent quality,” he says. “We would be happy to grow our export and make the whole world taste Ethiopian coffee,” he continues. In his free time Elias enjoys to watch movies and spend time with his family.
Yeshi - Mitarbeiterin Produktion (Solino Team)


Production Team

Yeshi has worked at the Solino roastery in Addis Ababa since 2010. She has learned that every little detail in the production process of a finished product matters. Labelling the coffee bags, sealing and packing them in the outer boxes: all steps must be perfect. “I am always happy when we get new orders for Solino! And I am most frustrated whenever we get complaints from our customers,” she says.  In her free time she takes care of her sick mother and of her adopted child.
Wude - Production employee (Solino Team)


Production Team

Wude was born in Arusi. She joined the Solino roastery in 2012 when she moved to Addis Ababa. “Since I work with Solino, I have learned many new skills which will be very useful for me,” she says. “Solino is a really good coffee and it is nice to be working for Solino” she continues. In her free time, Wude likes to cook Ethiopian food. She is also a mother of 2 children.
Habte - Quality Assurance Manager (Solino Team)


Quality Assurance Manager

Habte is from Addis Ababa and has worked for the Solino roastery since 2018. He is an engineer of food technology and graduated from Bahir Dar University in 2014. His job is to ensure that each bag of Solino is perfectly made. Habte ensures also that all hygienic rules are observed at all times. Habte enjoys cooperating with all other employees: “I like to see Solino become a world class coffee brand one day, creating many jobs in my country.”


Hygiene & Sanitation Supervisor

Kalkidan was born in 1994 and joined the Solino Team in July 2018. She graduated from the Medeo Medical College of Addis Ababa where she studied public health. She makes sure that all employees follow the hygiene rules and that cleaning processes are respected at all times. “I am very happy to be part of this team and I am proud to send our great Ethiopian coffee, roasted by us, to the whole world,” she says. Kalkidan speaks very good English and likes to practice the language with her friends.
Feven Marketing (Solino Team)



Feven is from Addis Ababa and has co-founded the Solino project. She has lived in Hamburg for a few years. Here she takes care of coffee tastings for new clients. She also manages the contact to the Ethiopian roasters. “I am always happy when new clients taste our coffee for the first time and realize how special our coffee is.” Currently she tries to get more offices and small coffee shops to buy Solino Coffee. She is happy to receive emails at: “We can make a special price offer for all big clients,” she adds.
Paula - Sales & Marketing (Solino Team)



I am Paula. At Solino, I’m responsible for supply chain management, operations, and deputy quality assurance. I am the interface between Ethiopia and you and make sure that our coffee arrives safely in Germany and then at your home. Furthermore, I am in charge of our online store. My goal is that we can offer you an even better shopping experience through constant improvements.
Dennis - Sales Department (Solino Team)


Head of Sales

After an internship at a child care project in Ethiopia, Dennis joined Solino. With a bachelor degree in business administration he is now responsible for Solino sales in all of Europe. His clients are supermarket chains, cafés, department stores, offices and hotels. In addition to searching new clients, Dennis is also responsible for organizing the coffee supply with his Ethiopian colleagues. He wants to convince clients of the excellent quality of our Ethiopian coffee. And he wants to explain the big impact of real development in Ethiopia when you buy a coffee that is fully made at the origin.
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