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Added value

We would like to be able to leave significantly more added value in Ethiopia by processing the entire product locally.

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We want to create qualified and thus better-paid jobs locally. This is the only way the country can really develop.

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Coffee enjoyment

We can produce high quality goods directly in Ethiopia. And so we can offer you a first-class coffee experience!

Transparency vs. seals

So why not just use seals? We deliberately do not use seals because we do not believe that they provide real transparency. It does not help Ethiopians if we pay high fees to (mostly western) consultants.

To show the effectiveness of our approach, we want to give you real facts. How much do production employees earn more than the Ethiopian average? How much added value remains in Ethiopia through further processing? Where does your coffee come from?

Supply chain


We buy the raw beans from a forest cooperative at prices above the market average.


Solino coffee is roasted in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.


After roasting, our coffee beans go to the port of Djibuiti for shipment.


In Hamburg, the journey of our coffee ends and is ready to be delivered.

Transparency : Supply Chain World Map Graphic
Transparency : supply chain world map graphic mobile phones

Comparison of average wages


Roaster average wages recorded on 11/18/2021 vs. World Bank average wages recorded in 2019

Green coffee export vs. processing


more value added for Ethiopia compared to the export of the raw bean (last recorded on 18.11.2021)

Female share in the roastery total


Balanced ratio of both men and women in the roastery (last recorded on 18.11.2021)

Share of women in management


Balanced ratio of both women and men in management positions (last recorded on 18.11.2021)

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