Solino Coffee –

100% made in Ethiopia

The first of its kind.

Solino is the first coffee
that is made 100% in Ethiopia:

Growing - Harvesting - Roasting - Label Printing - Packaging (Solino USP)

This is what others say about Solino Coffee:

greenpeace magazin.

“This coffee project develops the “fair-trade-idea” even further: a first class Arabica highland coffee is now introduced to the market. The coffee beans are not only harvested in Ethiopia but also processed and vacuum packed there.” (source)

Der Spiegel.

“Real money in coffee is only made when it´s processed….by controlling the supply chain up to the final product, it should be possible to see 60% more in turnover” (at the end of the article). (source)

It always seems impossible until it is done!

Nelson Mandela

Cooling of the freshly roasted coffee

Trade not Aid

We are convinced that trade is most important for developing countries. Simple aid programs often lead to dependency and passivity. They prevent creativity and self responsibility. Dambisa Moyo describes this issue very well in her book “Dead Aid”.

It is fundamental that industrialized countries open their borders and let developing countries participate in economic growth. Africa shall not be used as simple and cheap supplier of raw materials. Only value addition and processing at the origin can ensure development. Only then qualified and better paid jobs are created. That’s why we launched the Solino coffee project in 2008.

The Solino Team

For the processing of our coffee on site, we need qualified jobs such as master roasters, packaging experts, technicians and printers. In comparison to the monthly average salary of coffee farmers of 1200 Birr (approx. 30 Euro) in Ethiopia, qualified employees earn 2000 to 10000 Birr per month (60 to 300 Euro). Compared with German standards, this may not be much, but in Ethiopia it is quite enough money to feed a whole family.

Take a look at the committed Solino team and get to know our staff.