Solino Caffè Crema whole beans (1 kg)

Our Solino crema coffee is roasted very slowly in a traditional drum roaster. It is a light roast. The coffee is very low in acidicty and more wholesome than industrial roasted coffee. Our crema coffee is perfect as filter coffee, for automatic coffee makers or for a French press. It can also be used as a light espresso.


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100% aus Äthiopien. 100% für Äthiopien. Kaffee für qualifizierte Jobs.

  • Handverlesen und sonnengetrocknet
  • Bei niedrigen Temperaturen traditionell handgeröstet
  • Äthiopischer Hochland-Arabica

For our Solino crema we get the coffee beans directly from the farmers in the region of Illubabor and Jimma. We exclusively use sundried coffee beans for our crema. According to this traditional method, the beans are dried in the sun for 2 weeks after the harvest. We believe that sundried coffee has a more aromatic taste. At the same time, sundried coffees are less acid and therefore more wholesome. In addition, processing sundried coffee requires less water compared to washed coffee.

Local value creation

Like all Solino coffees, our crema is drum roasted in small batches in Ethiopia. After the roasting, the coffee is immediately airtight packed and shipped by sea to Hamburg. The roasting of coffee beans at the origin helps Ethiopians to participate in the value addition process and makes them earn 60% more compared to exporting raw unroasted coffee. Unfortunately, up to now, this is still the standard way of manufacturing coffee. This video from 2016 shows our coffee production in Ethiopia in only 3 minutes (Video-Link).

A transparent supply chain

The supply chain of our crema is completely transparent. Thanks to the individual QR code on the backside of each crema pack, you can follow our coffee beans from the harvest to the roasting in Addis Abeba and to the final shipment to Europe. You can meet the Solino team and you can rate each production step. This blockchain technology offers maximum transparency along the value chain. Scan the QR code and follow the link.


Our fathers kitchen: We support the Ethiopian initiative OurFathersKitchen by donating 1000 meals to disadvantaged children in Addis Ababa for each imported container of coffee. We like this initiative, because 100% of the donated money reaches the children. All employees work voluntarely and there is no administrative cost.

Weight 1 kg

automatic coffee maker, filter, French press


fruity chocolate


Light drum roast, 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

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Solino Caffè Crema 1 kg PackshotSolino Caffè Crema whole beans (1 kg)

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