Famine in East Africa

Millions of people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are again suffering from hunger.

As long as 90% of the population is working in farming, such kind of famine will always happen. And it is not unpredictable as you can now often read in the news: There will always be years with insufficient rainfall.
To resolve this problem in the long run, jobs in different areas than just agriculture must be created. This means value addition processes: it creates new jobs which are usually better paid and which do not dependent on rainfall. Value addition can obviously happen in all economic areas.

The Solino coffee project is just one example which shows that it is possible and since the beginning in 2008 we have created directly or indirectly (packaging producers, printers) many new jobs with salaries usually 3 times higher than the national average.

This does certainly not resolve the famine, but it is a small step for better paid jobs in Ethiopia.

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